Local Treatment:  Drywood Termites

Small or easily accessible infestations of Drywood Termites can be controlled by locally treating the area of infestation with approved termiticide.  Small access holes are drilled to allow application of necessary termiticide into the noted colony before being sealed again by our technicians.  This method of treatment is also ideal for situations where whole structure treatment is either impossible or impractical.

Local Treatment: Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites can be controlled by taking steps to limit their ability to intrude into your home by eliminating earth to wood contact and treating the soil beneath and around your home with approved termiticide.  This creates a barrier to ensure that your structure is safe and protected from this underground menace.

Fumigation:  Drywood Termites

The most effective method of eliminating and controlling Drywood Termites is through whole house fumigation, or “tenting”, of a structure.  Not only is fumigation 100% effective in the elimination of Drywood Termites throughout an entire structure, but it is also the cleanest method of treatment since there is zero residue or chemicals left behind once cleared for re-entry.   The use of Vikane gas means you do not have to worry about wiping counters, washing dishes or laundering items after completion.  Only the bagging of unsealed consumables needs to be done.


Our dedicated in-house technicians have years of experience in repair and restoration of structures and are experts in the correction of termite and fungus damage, as well as addressing conditions conducive to infection and infestation, such as moisture, loose fixtures, etc…  They work quickly and efficiently which translates to lower costs for our clients and a final appearance you can be proud of.

Escrow Inspection Services

With over 25 years of experience in Real Estate inspection reports, our staff can ensure that you get an accurate report quickly, with concise findings and recommendations which can allow you to proceed towards the closing of your sale with as little delay as possible.  Any questions you may have can be answered with trained knowledge and experience.