“I had some repair work done at my house the last few days from two of your guys at Lighthouse Termite.  I wanted to take a moment to commend them for their respectful and professional manner.  They were on the job the entire time they were here, kept me apprised of what they were doing and could not have been more courteous in the way the treated our home and family.  When they saw we had small children in the home, they took extra care to pick up every nail and remove any debris from our property.  They were cautious of our pets too, making sure gates remained closed even when coming back and forth.
Since we experienced a fire a year ago, I have had many situations with vendors in the home, resulting in miscommunications, unprofessional conduct, cigarettes and trash left on the ground and a list of other problems.  Not with your guys!  They represented your company with an easy going, yet highly professional attitude.
Thank you,
M. Bing”
-San Diego



“Our 108 unit condominium village termite fumigation 7-12 October 2013 went smoothly because of you.  Residents of our village were very impressed with the way you explained the fumigation process, prompt delivery of bags and the time you took helping them understand what to bag and how to bag.
From the day you received the contract I knew this project was going to go smoothly.  I appreciated your volunteering to attend my four village meetings.  At those meetings your in-depth explanation of the fumigation process and the gas involved alleviated the concerns of many residents.  I and others had no idea how fumigation works.  We are now educated thanks to you.
A special ‘Thank You’ for jumping in during fumigation to help me as I was attending to many things at once.  Without hesitation you accomplished some of my tasks freeing me to work with some of our residents.  I appreciate that extra attention from a contractor.
G. Hoff – Director, Antigua Village”
-Coronado Cays



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